Headshots for Doctors

Do doctors and medical professionals need high-end headshots?

It no longer is enough to have a hard-earned degree on your wall and all the credentials to perform in the medical profession. Managing your online presence with a current and engaging headshot makes critical business sense.

Natasha Singh of Doximity recently produced an informative research article on their analysis of online medical profiles detailing just how important having a professional photograph for your online presence is spanning from increased referrals, higher incomes, and better job matches for both experienced doctors as well as recent medical school graduates. We are not surprised to learn from Doximity that “doctors with profile photos earn, on average, 8% more than their camera-shy counterparts.”

We agree with every point in this article; however, we also know that you get what you pay for when it comes to “free” headshots. Attempting to photograph dozens or even hundreds of people during a conference does not lend itself to capturing fabulous images that will make a significant impact in your online presence. Sure, these types of photos may be better than what your friend or family member did with their “professional” camera. But, what we offer takes your image to the next level with a dynamic and engaging photo that you will be truly proud to use for years to come.


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The Guarantee

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