Professional NYC Headshots

NYC Headshot, LLC was founded on the premise that everyone needs a professional image that conveys your unique personality in the best possible light. Headshots are no longer only for actors, actresses, or models but now encompass all professions. If you have any type of online, print, or media presence, you need a proper, expert headshot that elevates your appearance, professionalism, competence and ultimately your career. A recent study by CareerBuilder noted that the number of employers using Social Media has increased 500 percent over the past decade where 60 percent of companies are now using Social Media for researching candidates, read more here. In today’s competitive environment, a flattering image can be the difference between landing your next job, or missing that opportunity.

What makes NYC Headshot your top choice for differentiating yourself?

We have invested in the absolute top equipment available in the photography industry which delivers materially improved final results for our clients. By exclusively capturing images with the Phase One XF medium format cameras system, we are able to provide our customers the highest dynamic range, detail, and file quality when compared to traditional 35mm cameras. Beyond the camera, the Broncolor lighting system we use distinguishes our work from our peers by providing control over the light’s consistency and texture that is simply not achievable using traditional strobes. Ultimately, this highly specialized equipment ensures we can achieve unsurpassed results and clients who are thrilled with our work.

The best equipment is only half of the success equation:

Having the expertise and skill to create an environment that draws a compelling expression capturing an authentic moment transitions our final results from being simply a “picture” but rather a vehicle to convey your personality in a manner that is both genuine and engaging. This is what we have dedicated ourselves to achieving for all of our clients.

The Guarantee

We are so confident in our work and your satisfaction that we guarantee our results and your satisfaction. If you are not absolutely in love with what we have done for you, we will either reschedule another session on a different day or refund your money. We are in the business of delivering excellence and will strive to ensure you love your image. It’s that simple.