Headshots for Dentists

You need to show your smile first!

According to Brad Guyton of Inside Dentistry, the value of a single new patient over the first 12 months ranges between $1,200 to $1,500.  Given the impact that a single new patient can have on a practice let alone a handful over the course of a month, It’s critical that your dental office is fully utilizing every option available for attracting new patients.  Your website, along with social media, and the online scheduling systems necessitate having a headshot that shows prospective patients that you are confident, competent, and approachable.

Additionally, according to Health Care Communication News, your online presence is critical for booking your appointments. For patients who booked appointments, digital content is key to decision-making.

  • 77 percent of patients used search prior to booking an appointment.
  • 83 percent used hospital sites.
  • 54 percent used health insurance company sites.
  • 50 percent used health information sites.
  • 26 percent used consumer generated reviews.

With all of these statistics pointing to the growing importance of needing a professional image to represent your dental “brand,” it’s time to schedule a headshot.  And, it’s more fun than pulling teeth!

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The Guarantee

We are so confident in our work and your satisfaction that we guarantee our results and your satisfaction. If you are not absolutely in love with what we have done for you, we will either reschedule another session on a different day or refund your money. We are in the business of delivering excellence and will strive to ensure you love your image. It’s that simple.