Headshots for Actors

Propel your acting career with professional headshots.

Headshots for actors and actresses are the single most important marketing vehicle to convey depth and personality that stop a casting director from moving onto the next candidate.  Your headshot is not the place to scrimp to save a few dollars.  This photograph is your face to the entertainment world, and nothing short of exceptional will do when it comes to distinguishing yourself in this highly competitive environment. Remember, casting directors see hundreds of headshots a day, and your headshot needs to stand out. Having the proper lighting and details in your image shows the world that you are serious about your career and are a true professional.

Why not use your favorite Facebook or iPhone photo?

Casting directors know how a professional photo should look and images captured on your iPhone or by your friend who has a “great camera” fall critically short of the types of high-impact images a top headshot photographer like NYC Headshot can create.

Any image that is missing a distinctive edge undermines your ability to get the work you want.  By using NYC Headshot, we strive to pull out a natural, yet compelling image consistent with the acting industry standards that will get you noticed.  Remember, your headshot is a place for you to highlight your best features and provide some insight into your personality.

Errors run the gamut from blank expressions to improper lighting, distracting backgrounds (or other distracting elements) that materially hurt your chances to convey your unique personality in a manner that would cause a casting director to want to work with you.  The most expensive mistake is to use an image that isn’t getting you the type of work you want.

For established actors or actresses, this is an excellent time to take your career to the next level with new photographs that will propel your career further.

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Professional headshot of a male actor wearing a white dress shirt taken at NYC Headshot

The Guarantee

We are so confident in our work and your satisfaction that we guarantee our results and your satisfaction. If you are not absolutely in love with what we have done for you, we will either reschedule another session on a different day or refund your money. We are in the business of delivering excellence and will strive to ensure you love your image. It’s that simple.