Headshots for Artists

Do Artists Need Headshots?

The simplified answer is a resounding, “yes!” I can hear many artists cringe as they protest feverously that the quality of their art should stand independently of the photograph of the artist who created the art! However, the shift towards social media has materially affected the art world.

According to The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report of 2016,  “More people in 2016 acknowledged that social media influenced their art purchases at 31%, up from 24% in 2015. This influence remains particularly high in the new art buyer segment, where 38% of new collectors said that social media does impact their collecting habits and their decision on when and what to buy.  This transformative shift in the buying habits of art consumers means that the traditional forms of marketing are changing in a manner that places greater emphasis on the artists’ online presence.  Based on the findings of this study, it’s time get a professional headshot that enables you to promote yourself confidently online and through the various social media channels, knowing that you are looking your very best (along with your artistic creations!) The quality of your headshot also helps elevate your professional standing showing that you take your career and passion seriously.

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Professional headshot of a male artist with dark long hair wearing a blue sweater taken at NYC Headshot.

The Guarantee

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