The NYC Headshot Experience

Ever wonder what goes into a professional headshot? Our new video takes you behind the scenes to see NYC Headshot in action. Not only do we create a fun atmosphere, the results we produce speak for themselves! You’ll immediately notice our team’s attention to detail with our phenomenal makeup artist all the way through your shoot with expert direction to ensure your expression is exactly what you want to convey to the world!

You need to look your best; therefore, you need NYC Headshot to ensure your image is captured perfectly. We guarantee it!

An artist palette graphic icon for artist headshots


All actors need headshots, gain the upper hand with the best professional headshots in NYC.

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A book graphic icon for author headshots


Authors and writers need exceptional, professional headshots that are sophisticated and well composed to make a powerful first impression.

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Headshots are no longer just for actors, real estate agents, or public figures. If you are in business, you need a professional image that you can rely on.

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A tooth graphic icon for dentist headshots


Your online presence necessitates having a headshot that shows prospective patients that you are confident, competent, and approachable.

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It no longer is enough to have a hard-earned degree on your wall and all the credentials to perform in the medical profession.

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Headshots for actors and actresses are the single most important marketing vehicle to convey depth and personality that stop a casting director from moving onto the next candidate.

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To compete in the Big Apple, you need every edge. That extra edge is what NYC Headshot delivers- compelling, professional portraits that set you apart and get you noticed!

Regardless of your profession, everyone needs a set of “go to” images that can be used for social media, corporate and executive marketing, along with more specialized online databases serving doctors such as ZocDoc, actors with Backstage, and lawyers with AttorneyDirectory and similar databases where your image matters. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you need a professional headshot. It’s that simple.

Snapshots that were taken by your friends and family (even with great cameras) are not professional and do not convey the success or confidence that your images deserve. In fact, many “professional photos” that we see every day fall woefully short when it comes to capturing dynamic portraits that project confidence and success so critical in today’s competitive marketplace.

We are so confident that you’ll love our work that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Book a session and see the difference we can deliver!